Droom en Daad in Morocco

Droom en Daad Foundation has opened an express window for art projects during the COVID-19 pandemic; the Makersloket. With this they have put a heart to dozens of Rotterdam artists by giving a direct financial impulse. Droom en Daad is going to Morocco!

Jolanda Linssen 

One of the makers who received a contribution from the Makersloket is the Rotterdam visual artist Jolanda Linssen. She works with different media such as drawing, painting, graphic techniques, ceramics and textiles. People are a recurring theme in her work. The appearance of a person, without being an image of anyone in particular. The appearance, skin, the surface are disturbed in various ways in order to search for the inner world.

Jolanda Linssen, foto: Huib Kooyker

IKC De Lis

The project for which Jolanda has submitted an application to Droom en Daad has the working title “wall tapestry”. Within her own theme she has made a design for a meters high tapestry. She has sought cooperation with Fair Fabrics to have the tapestry made by a professional artisan workshop in Morocco. As soon as it is ready, this rug will hang in primary school IKC De Lis in Rotterdam.

Basisschool IKC De Lis

Social entrepreneurship

During the project, a way was also sought to bring the connection between the artisan weavers and the children closer together. Recently, the HANDwerk teaching program was offered to the De Lis school, in which the craft was central and the children were also extensively acquainted with the weaving craft. On behalf of Fair Fabrics, Karin introduced the children to social entrepreneurship. The children in the class understood afterwards that it is of course not the intention for children to weave the carpets in Morocco, for example, and also that adults should not do that from early in the morning until late at night.

A first sample of the tapestry. Photo: Jolanda Linssen

Traveling to Morocco

In Morocco they are now waiting for our arrival, Jolanda and Karin go to the weaving workshop of Fatima to start the production of the tapestry together. The studio in the Atlas Mountains has already made a first sample, in which part of the total tapestry has been woven. We will take the stories we learn during our visit to the children of the school. And so Droom en Daad brings a piece of Rotterdam to Morocco and back again.

Fatima, copyrights Jenae Somedays, TBE

The first sample in the making

The first sample in the making