What is social entrepreneurship?

“Social entrepreneurs seek innovative solutions to social challenges. For example, what to do with the 27,000 youngsters annually who drop out of school. Or the 2 million people in the Netherlands who feel lonely? But also, how can we accelerate the trailing growth of sustainable energy, or how can we create jobs for people living in poverty on the other side of the world?”


The mission of social enterprises

Fair Fabrics is a social enterprise, which means that – like any other enterprise – we are marketing a product or service and we have a revenue model. However, making money is not our main goal; it is a means to fulfil our mission. A social enterprise aims to create social added value, also known as “impact”. We create impact in countries and regions that highly need economic support.

Social Enterprises

Globally, social enterprises are a growing phenomenon. In the Netherlands, new social entrepreneurs join our ranks every day. Fair Fabrics is a member of Social Enterprise NL Social Enterprise NL, the instigator of the social enterprise movement.