Are you looking for original fair trade products to have at home? Preferably products that come with a story you can tell your relations or customers? Fair Fabrics offers a unique collection of home furnishings. All our products are truly one of a kind.

Unique colours and traditional patterns

Our manufacturers use ancient traditions. For example, they dye their wool with dried plants, flowers and fruit from the mountains. Or apply traditional Berber patterns in their fabrics or on their pottery. This gives a personal but also global touch to our collection.


Would you like to have a tailor-made product? A made-to-size rug, a vase with a specific pattern, or an exclusive textile product line? We’ll ask our local partners to make these for you. Please contact us to learn about the possibilities.

Let our product line inspire you:


Blankets, throws & cushions

Pottery & glass

Baskets & accessories