handmade napkins

a personal gift for your colleagues or clients


The soft linen napkins are hand-embroidered in one of our artisan workshops in Tunisia and are of high quality. Each napkin has a size of 40×40 cm and is made from residual fabrics from the various fashion houses and fashion designers from all over Europe. The embroidery is done with cotton and silk from India and also from leftovers.

delivery time

Take into account a long delivery time, because every napkin is embroidered and finished by hand. Making 100 sets of 2 napkins each takes 1 month of labor.


The price per set of 2 napkins is € 26.50 excluding VAT. This price applies from 250 sets and includes packaging, a custom wrap and delivery to a location in the Netherlands (surcharge for locations outside the Netherlands). If you would like less than 250 sets, please contact us.


A QR code can be added on the wrapper around the napkins that refers to a web page with more background information and pictures of the embroidery workshop, so that the recipient knows exactly where and how the napkins were made. This extra option is included in the price.


Each product is made by hand and is therefore slightly different. Don’t be alarmed if the size deviates a little bit, for example.

The team of this workshop consists of: Nejib, Rachida, Zahra, Ilhem, Souad, Fatma and Cyrine.


A handmade gift like these napkins is a personal gift and a real token of appreciation for your employees. Or to emphasize a pleasant cooperation with your clients. And you also contribute to the growth of the embroidery workshop in Tunisia.