Providing for your family, having a flourishing business, and honouring traditions is only possible if you receive a fair price for your products. This is why we buy our products directly from local producers.

Time-honoured expertise

Collaborating with local producers on various continents we stimulate a sustainable economy. They manufacture their products in a traditional way. Their craftsmanship has been handed down from generation to generation and we want to preserve their time-honoured expertise.

Techniques and materials

Partnering with artisans adds quality, personality, and recognisability to our fair trade home furnishings. This is why we make use of existing techniques, materials, and personal views whenever possible.

The personal connection

We regularly visit our business partners and know them personally. We have seen how they live and work. Whatever you choose – a basket, vase, rug, or pot – all our products come with a special, valuable story.

Meet our craftsmen: