Linen napkins black, warm anthracite, olive green

The linen napkins from Fair Fabrics

Fair Fabrics has developed a beautiful set of linen napkins and had them artisanally embroidered in one of our workshops in Tunisia. The napkins are made from surplus linen and silk yarn from the European high fashion industry and are available in our online store.

Our napkin sets are delivered FREE to your home (in the Netherlands).

The embroidery workshop where these napkins were made is located in eastern Tunisia, where embroidery is traditionally very important. Najib learned the craft from his parents and started his own studio a few years ago. There are currently 5 women working in the studio, whom he himself has trained as professional embroiderers. Najib would like to preserve the craft for the next generation and is therefore happy that younger women also work in his studio.

In the Netherlands, all napkins are sorted, wrapped and neatly packaged by Monique and Lucy from Onze Zaak. Onze Zaak is a protected workplace for employees with an intellectual, psychological and physical disability.


In this way, we are working on an increasingly consistent chain, where we not only pay attention to working conditions, but also consider an inclusive work field, recycling and upcycling of materials and sustainable logistics solutions.

Let’s not forget that the napkins turned out beautiful, of course. They are made of supple and soft linen and each have a warm color as a base, on which a line has been very subtly embroidered by hand. The yarns are made of silk, cotton and viscose and, like the linen, come from surplus stocks from the European high fashion industry. Top quality materials that were left in the warehouses because the color just did not match, designs or entire collections were changed or canceled after ordering the fabric, but also simply because too much was ordered from the weaving mills.

A set each consists of 4 napkins, available in 3 different colors: black & olive yellow and warm anthracite.

Colours: black, olive yellow and warm anthracite
Material: linen & silk
Size: 40 x 40 cm