Fair Fabrics selected for OBJECT Rotterdam

From 20 to 22 May, the monumental HAKA building in Rotterdam will once again be dominated by inspiration and innovation during the 10th edition of the OBJECT Rotterdam design fair. Interior enthusiasts and design professionals can finally meet in person again.

OBJECT is a platform for interior inspiration, innovative design labels and limited editions from established and emerging designers. There is a mix of product, furniture, fashion, light and graphic design.

1 of the rugs that will be on display during OBJECT in the making

For each edition of OBJECT, the selection of designers is carefully selected by director Anne van der Zwaag, seeking a balance between commercial and conceptual designs. Fair Fabrics is proud to once again be part of this design fair and can be found on the 4th floor with the presentation ‘The language of Weaving’. And extra festive because just like Fair Fabrics, OBJECT is also celebrating a 10 year anniversary!

Design your own rug

During OBJECT, visitors can design their own rug that will be handwoven by a Tunisian artisan workshop. The presentation “The Language of Weaving” shows with several large rugs how the Berber symbolism of the artisan weavers serves as a special means of communication.

Photo: Frank Hanswijk

Berber weavers are artisans with many years of experience, but they are also often illiterate. They process important events and experiences through symbols and colours in the rug they weave.

The artisans of the ‘Language of Weaving’ collection in the workshop in Tunisia

Berber symbolism

The form of language designs are intensely personal and must be interpreted with care. They often work with the symbols of love, nature, birth and happiness. But also stories in the form of personal convictions and life in the countryside are incorporated into the rugs. The form of language includes, for example, magic numbers and squares, verses from the Quran, Arabic script, geometric shapes, as well as references to the animal and vegetable kingdoms.

Photo: Frank Hanswijk

The history of Berber motifs goes back hundreds of years. It is unknown whether the earliest designs were used on the body in the form of tattoos, or on material objects such as rugs, leather objects or carvings. However, the long tradition of this form of language is still an integral part of the culture of North African countries, and not just in the Berber-majority regions.

1 of the artisan weavers shows a first sample of the collection ‘The Language of Weaving’.

The Language of Weaving

With the project ‘ The language of weaving’ we want to investigate whether we can find a suitable way to connect even better between end-user and artisan. By providing more insight into these forms of language, we remove boundaries, and can better read and understand cultural identity. The Language Of Weaving is not scientific research, but a way to connect the worlds on an equal level and to exchange insights.

Different (old) collection of carpets from Fair Fabrics

Concept & design ‘The Language of Weaving’: Karlijne Brand in collaboration with Fair Fabrics.

Visit Fair Fabrics during OBJECT

The Language of Weaving can be seen during OBJECT Rotterdam 2022
HAKA building | Vierhavensstraat 38-42 | Rotterdam
Friday 20 to Sunday 22 May 2022 | 10am-6pm

Tickets are available online and at the door and cost € 15.00, children under 12 can enter for free.
A ticket also gives free access to the Euromast during the preview and exhibition days

Photo: Frank Hanswijk

Photo: Frank Hanswijk