A letter to the weaver

Fair Fabrics tapijt op maat

Last summer, Fair Fabrics designed a new rug on commission and had it made in a limited edition, together with our artisan weavers in Tunisia. In a previous news item we told extensively about this weaver Sihem and her cooperative. And also why we are so happy to be able to work together – especially in these particularly challenging circumstances.

Recently, a customer asked us to have the rug made in a different color palette and in a larger size, so that it would fit exactly into the existing interior. Our designer then made a color proposal and adjusted the design, because a different size also changes the ratio and pattern execution.

Design by Fair Fabrics – Willemiek van Kuijleborg

While the customer was patiently waiting for the rug to be ready, we received an interim update from the mountains of Tunisia; a nice film of the rug in the making!


The rug is now ready and has arrived in the Netherlands. And delivered to a satisfied customer, as this photo shows. And now another handwritten note is sent from the customer in the Netherlands to Sihem in Tunisia. It can be that beautiful.

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