Workshop ‘Design your own rug’

Fair Fabrics Studio Voor Goed Workshop ontwerp je eigen vloerkleed

On Friday December 2, Fair Fabrics will give a workshop where you can design your own rug.

The workshop starts with a short introduction about the makers; the workshops in the various countries with which Fair Fabrics has been working for years, in Morocco and Tunisia, among others. We zoom in further on the different techniques, patterns and colors. Then we get to work ourselves, based on the sample rugs and colors of wool that we have brought with us.

The aim of the workshop is to gain more insight into the possibilities within the traditional techniques and designs used and to combine this with one’s own wishes. Afterwards you will also have more knowledge about an age-old craft that is passed on from generation to generation.

After the workshop it is possible to have your own design for a floor or wall hanging made by one of our weaving mills. (read more about having a rug made here)

Location: Studio Voor Goed
Address: Lijnbaan 117
Time: 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Bring your own: colored pencils (minimum 10 colors)
Maximum number of participants: 10 people
Sign up: Eventbrite