Fair price

We stimulate the local economies in our production countries in an honest way. We ignore international market trends, because our artisans receive a fair price based on the real production costs. We also finance all our workshops in advance and directly, so they are not dependent on the sale of the end product.

Co creation

Our local producers are our business partners. Together we design and develop interior products on behalf of various shops and brands. Our starting points for new designs always remain the craftsmanship and expertise of our craft workshops. In this way you keep the special elements that make the final product so unique and characteristic.

Social enterprise

Fair Fabrics is a social enterprise, which means that – like any other enterprise – we are marketing a product or service and we have a revenue model. However, making money is not our main goal; it is a means to fulfil our mission. 

A social enterprise aims to create social added value, also known as “impact”. We create impact in countries and regions that highly need economic support.