Our mission is to improve the living conditions of local craftsmen in developing countries that could use some help. At the same time we seek to preserve their ancient crafts.

We pay a fair price

We stimulate the local economies in an honest way. We ignore international market trends. Instead, our artisans receive a fair price based on the real production costs. They are therefore less dependent on local merchants and other agents.

We stimulate entrepreneurship

We believe everyone is entitled to earn an income. Unfortunately, this is not feasible for every entrepreneur. We would like to do something about this. Fair Fabrics stimulates entrepreneurship in developing countries. We know all our manufacturers personally and we finance their businesses upfront. This way they need not sell their products first and can start manufacturing right away.

We collaborate

Our local producers are our business partners. Together we design and select our collection of home furnishings. The quality of our products reflects their expertise and craftsmanship. We collaborate with corporations and other organizations, but also with families and individuals. In this way Fair Fabrics contribute to continuity and independence.