The living conditions of craftsmen in developing countries can only improve when businesses and consumers commit themselves to buying fair trade products. We devote ourselves to that cause – Fair Fabrics collaborates with other companies to directly support local manufacturers.

Will you join us and help improve the lives of our craftsmen?

Why collaborating?

Buying and using fair trade products improve the image of your company and increases client loyalty. And you can stand out with your own unique products.

Purchasing and customization

You can order our products in larger quantities. Apart from our standard collection of fair trade furnishings, we can design and customize our products for you. Maybe a vase or a rug you like, but then a larger one or in a different colour? For a set minimum purchase we can make the product you have in mind.


As a business partner of Fair Fabrics you can offer an exclusive line of home furnishings. Think of tableware or rugs that can only be purchased through your store. We can design and produce these on-demand for you.

We were looking for a series of fair trade vases for our new Landal Beach Villas in Hoek van Holland in the Netherlands. In Fair Fabrics we found the business partner who could provide what we wanted. Each of the 75 beach houses is now adorned with a hand-painted vase from Morocco – and a good story to go with it.

Clients we have worked with: