Earthquake Morocco

We are shocked by the overwhelming natural disaster in Morocco. There is so much sadness, loss and fear. 

After a couple of days of uncertainty, we have now fortunately been in contact with all our artisan workshops and confirmed that everything is going well, except for limited material damage. 

It is becoming clearer every day that the disaster is actually far from predictable. We see images of completely destroyed communities, the chance of finding survivors consists only of miracles and the cry for help cannot be loud enough. The country is uniting as we know it, and we want to support the obvious willingness to help with everything you can from here. If we can give something back for everything we have received from the country then we should do it now.

Initiatives to support

We have listed a number of initiatives to support:

Red Cross Netherlands
Artists for Morocco
Go Fund Me for 50 houses > This ‘Go Fund Me for 50 houses’ is a fundraising campaign to help finance the reconstruction of homes in Makhfaman, within a radius of around 30km of the earthquake’s epicenter, a village which has lost a quarter of its dwellings. 50 houses out of 240 need to be rebuilt. We know the initiators personally and can ensure that the money ends up in the right place.

Shop for our donations

In our online store we sell cushions, throws and pottery from cooperatives in the affected area. Fortunately, apart from material damage, they were not directly affected, but are helping anyone they can 24/7 right now. With the collection and delivery of goods such as blankets, clothing and tents, but also with medicines and clean drinking water. We would like to support them in this.

We will donate all proceeds from the sales of all products made by these artisan workshops to our cooperatives so that they can purchase even more necessary items for those affected.

Shop pottery, throws and cushions from our local cooperatives below. Thank you!