Commissioned runner

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Traditionally woven with wool

Fair Fabrics had a wool rug made exclusively for 1 of its customers in a limited and uniquely numbered edition. The runner is narrow and long, making it ideal for the kitchen, hallway or next to the bed. Wool rugs insulate well and provide pleasant acoustics. The runners are completely handmade in a Tunisian workshop, with which they earn a fair wage.

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Insulation and acoustics

Rugs are the mood makers in your house and offer a lot of extra comfort. They improve the acoustics, personalize the interior and insulate both in winter and summer.

The combination of old techniques with this contemporary pattern creates a special atmosphere in your interior. Rugs are nice for the layout of the living space. You can break up a large space with it, while a small space with a rug gives it depth and thus appears larger.

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Green runner

The runner is constructed from a green color palette, in which a beautiful gradient from off-white to anthracite has been interwoven. The fine length of the runner is thus subtly interrupted, without affecting the graphic stripe pattern. The years of experience of the weavers ensure tight weaving, creating a high-quality rug that you will enjoy for years to come. The weaving cooperative in Tunisia is now working on the growth and professionalization of their workshop.

Rug with impact

Tunisia has gone through a turbulent time with, among other things, the highest Covid-19 infection rates of the entire African continent, but also national and international political unrest. The income of many trade workshops has often fallen away due to the recent economic downturn. With this special collaboration between its customer and Fair Fabrics, the weaving cooperative in Tunisia could be provided with work for 2 months at a fair price, a rug with a lot of impact.

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Size: 80 x 220 cm
Material: wool (90%) on cotton
Exclusively available at NRC: € 359,-
(including VAT and NL home delivery)


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