Fair Fabrics plaid for NRC

Photo: Geert van Hertum. Photo in the background: Lenny Oosterwijk in Gallery Untitled, Rotterdam

Our beautiful hand-woven, woolen plaids will be exclusively for sale at NRC webshop from today.

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A wonderfully thick, soft and woolen plaid, for on the couch or over the foot of the bed. We designed this plaid exclusively for the readers of NRC and had it made in three different colours; dark blue, gray and red.

The Fair Fabrics plaid is available in the colors dark blue, gray and red. Photo: Geert van Hertum

The plaids are handwoven, for a fair price, by a medium-sized weaving cooperative in central Morocco. The weavers have many years of weaving experience and only use high-quality materials. They work together on the growth and professionalization of their organization. In addition, they support homeless people and problem young people from the immediate vicinity through their own studio. They offer these people a new future perspective by learning a trade.

One of the weavers in the artisan workshop in Morocco.

All plaids were sent to the Netherlands and individually packed in boxes at Onze Zaak and provided with a card with information about the makers. Onze Zaak is a special company where they help people with intellectual disabilities and who are at a distance from the labor market to find daily work. One of them is Ahlam. We share a love for Morocco and Moroccan cuisine in particular turned out to be a great topic for discussion. Before we knew it, 3 full, high pallets with plaids had been packed for NRC!

Packing up with Ahlam and chatting about a common love: Morocco

Size: 130 x 180 cm
Price: €119.00
Available in three colours: dark blue/white, grey/white and red/white
Material: wool (95%) on organic cotton (5%)

Photo: Geert van Hertum

Photo: Geert van Hertum, Location: Gallery Untitles, Rotterdam

Photo: Geert van Hertum