We at Fair Fabrics are committed to the good of our world by offering honest and sustainable products. This way we help improve the economic situation of entrepreneurs in developing countries. And time-honoured crafts can survive.

About us

From the office of Fair Fabrics in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Karin Reinders collaborates with dozens of craftsmen, corporations and families, from Morocco to Peru and from Tunisia to Mongolia. Together they design and improve the standard collection of fair trade home furnishings and set up exclusive product lines.

Karin is pivotal in the organisation since she is looking for suitable business partners both nationally and internationally. Her aim is to improve the situation of craftsmen through social entrepreneurship.

Since 2011

“My name is Karin Reinders. I founded Fair Fabrics in 2011. After several years of travelling and working in the cultural sector, I was attracted by the wonderful handicrafts made each in their own way in the different continents.

So I decided to find local manufacturers. During my travels, I’ve learned a lot about other cultures, religions and ways of life. Not only did I discover beautiful products, but I was also touched by the stories behind their products.

Through Fair Fabrics I share handmade products with enterprises and consumers in the Netherlands. At the same time, I support local craftsmen, so they can do what they excel in – make special, unique and personal products.”

On our travels, we naturally visit our manufacturers and, whenever possible, shoot a short film. Take a look: